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“Advocacy takes many forms, whether it be educating others on our profession or having your voice heard during discussions with lawmakers. The NATAPAC does this and more for our profession. It is our professional responsibility to financially support this organization to further our profession today, tomorrow, and in the future. It depends on YOU! ”

Karen D. Fennell, MS, ATC
Townsend Design/ThuasneUSA

“As an Athletic Trainer and healthcare professional, I support the National Athletic Trainers Association Political Action Committee as the only legal source in educating the public about healthcare safety in work, life and sport. Through voluntary contributions from NATA members, the NATAPAC provides resources to influence public opinion and policy in support of athletic trainers and those who receive appropriate healthcare. With over 45,000 athletic trainers providing health care services to physically active people, I am privileged to be a member on the NATAPAC Board of Directors. My lifetime goal is to be an advocate for all athletic trainers who mitigate the risk of athletic injuries and medical conditions. Will you join me by supporting the NATAPAC today?”

Ky Kugler, EdD, ATC
Chapman University

“If you are looking to make a difference regarding the future of the athletic training profession and cannot volunteer your time, then at least support your profession by contributing to NATAPAC!!  Legislation is one key to the future of athletic training and the PAC is the only organization that can financially support our legislative agenda.  The funding of the PAC not only helps us support bills in our favor but helps us to oppose those bills that limit what an AT can do”

Michael Goldenberg, MS, ATC, NASM-CES
The Lawrenceville School

“The NATAPAC provides us a means to VOICE our collective opinions in order to promote the profession of Athletic Training. In today’s dynamic and often troubling healthcare environment, NATAPAC is positioned well to protect the rights of Athletic Trainers and to promote the value of the services rendered by them to our elected officials in congress. Without the NATAPAC individual Athletic Trainers would have no way to counteract and contradict the many voices trying to limit or even prevent the practice of Athletic Training. I have been donating to the NATAPAC since its inception and was honored to be asked to join its inaugural board of directors by then President Kimmel. I firmly believe that its efforts help Athletic Trainers in every setting!”

Paul A. Ullucci, Jr., PT, PhD, DPT, ATC, SCS, CSCS, EMR
Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Therapy, Sacred Heart University